Something's Fishy Wallpaper

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When something’s up, or something’s off. When something just doesn’t sit well. In other words; suspicious, doubtful, or questionable. But if it’s drama you’re looking for, you’re in the wrong place. Because nothing is fishy with this wallpaper, it just has a bumload of fish on it.

This wallpaper is sold in panels as the design is wider than the standard wallpaper roll. Please note that panels have a very precise pattern alignment. The total dimension of the order is printed as one piece and cut into panels after printing. Therefore it is prudent that you order the total number of panels you intend to use at one time to ensure that panels line up correctly. In other words please round up rather than round down.

If you require a larger dimension than 4 x 3 meters, please get in touch at

Printed on PVC-free, FSC certified paper
Wallpapers can not be returned